Monday, November 2, 2009

Instead of Candy?

I got this idea from an email this morning from someone who works at an office and thought it would work perfectly with this blog.

"When I worked in a busy office, most of my co-workers kept jars of candy on their desks to enjoy and share with others. Constantly battling the "bulge," I hated these temptations, but neverthless often gave in to them. I decided to put out a jar of my own "feel good" stuff, with no calories.

I bought a beautiful jar with a lid and spent one whole weekend at home cutting up colorful strips of paper and writing down inspiring quotes. I filled the jar and put it on my desk. It took a while to catch on, but soon, everyone was stopping by my "food for thought" jar daily to fill up on something much better than empty calories. They would take one out, read it, smile knowingly, and then fold it up and replace it for the next co-worker. It's something that never needed to be replenished unless, I saw a new quote I wanted to add. If you work in an office environment, try this out and see how much everyone love it."

Today's Tip: Give three people a sincere, genuine compliment today! Sometimes just saying something nice, can make all the difference in someone's day!

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  1. What a great idea! I will have to implement that one in our home!

    I am really glad you have started this blog, not only am I inspired every time I read but it lets us into your sweet heart because I see you in everything I read!!
    Love you my much


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