Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Remembering Our Elderly

I got this story as an email today and wanted to share it with my readers because I have seen this happen first hand, not in my own family but in the life of someone close to me. Let us never forget that we too will grow old and let us teach the younger generation that as we age we are not disposable! We have life yet to live! Enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts on this!

As you probably know Nepal a small country full of diverse religions and populations.
As the daughter of a Hindu family there are many aspects of my religion that I have to bear in mind. But, even while keeping such strictures in mind, I want to be ale to live a life of kindness to others.

When I was sixteen my friends and I were going to watch a movie. We sat waiting for the bus but it was very late. While we were waiting another bus came by and a old lady of about seventy got off. She had bags full of her possessions in one hand and a walking stick in the other.

After a few minutes I noticed that she seemed to be looking for something. She approached a shopkeeper for help - but it wasn't forthcoming. So, I went over and asked, "What's the matter grandmother?"

She told me she was searching for the big temple because she had heard they would take her in and care for her for rest of her life.

I was suprised, to say the least. I asked her, "Don't you have your sons and daughters to take care of you?"

"I have no one in the world to look after me," she replied.

I knew I just had to ask my friends to wait for me and I walked with grandmother all the way to the temple.

I asked her about her family. She told she used to have a happy family. She had two daughters and two sons but as she grew older they started to pass her from one to the other and to see her as an unwelcome burden. Eventually they told her to leave. She begged to stay - but no one wanted to hear.

I took her hand in mine and held it tight as we walked together. She begged me not to be like the children she bore and raised, who eventually cast her out like an unnecessary utensil.

My heart cried hearing grandmother's story. How can such things happened? Why don't people realise that they too will grow older?

Arriving at the temple I left grandmother at the safe place. Her last word and her blessings very much on my mind. "You showed such kindness to me." she said. "Thank you very much for walking with me; for helping me reach the temple. God will bless you in every step of your life."

She kept her blessing hands on my head and I felt God was talking to me. I waved her bye-bye and I went back to my friends. We watched the films and returned to home.

The first thing I did when I arrived was hug my mom and dad and promise myself, 'I will always be with you, to love and care for you.'

A life of kindness can be inspired by the most unexpected things. Thank you, grandmother, for your blessings and making a real difference in my life.


  1. I regret to say, but the world is full of such situations. I know several elderly that has family but they have no time for them. I understand this and trust my family will never treat me this way. I have a very deep compassion for the elderly and children.

  2. Life stinks sometimes! You should visit Colorado Lady because she has a birthday list for us to send a card to elderly folks in assisted living and other sad situations. The stories are heart warming. I feel good sending the cards and it really makes my day. Enjoy your post!


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