Friday, December 4, 2009

A Challenge has been Thrown Down! Will You Answer the Call?

You all have known for a few months that I have been using this blog as an outlet of sorts to share with one another the kind things we do for one another, or for random strangers that do more than make their day better, it brightens yours as well.

Well Billy Coffey at What I Learned Today,is one of my most favorite places to sip sweet tea on his porch, while listening to him tell another wonderful story of his that always makes you smile a whole lot sweeter than that last bit of tea you've just finished, has offered a great way to join in the fun.

It's called the $ 10.00 challenge. You can click and read more about it here or by clicking on the button like the one at the top of my blog found on the left.

So I am sharing one that I did fairly recently with my daughter, before I got sick, so I hope you'll enjoy it and agree it meets with Billy's criteria! Enjoy, while I go get some more sweet tea!

I had an opportunity at Starbucks after picking up my daughter Caitlyn from school last Thursday to ARK someone. While waiting at the drive through I had $10.00 on me that day and looking in my rear view mirror noticed that the vehicle behind me had only one person in it. Since our order only came to $6.00 I waited til we got to the window to ask how much the order of the next customer was, she told me $2.00 so I told her I wanted to pay for him. The look on Caitlyn's face was worth that blessing and she started to cry. She said it was so nice to be able to do something nice for someone and if we could stay and see what the drivers reaction would be. I explained we had to go, but that God would bless this small act and it would not go unnoticed. While pulling away, she looked back to see the man attempt to pay but the cashier just handed his coffee while he proceeded to pull away.

Only God knows what that small act did for someone but I know if that same thing happened to me, I would feel so great the whole day no matter what happened that morning.

So if your interested in joining in on all the fun, click on Billy's link here and share your good news $ 10.00 challenge with all of us.


  1. That must be the "best tasting" coffee that man had. Because it was an unexpected gift from someone's big heart.
    What car do you drive sister Kat? I'll try to spot that in the Starbuck's drive through...and follow... :)
    It is a great challenge and like what your blog is all about, I hope it doesn't stop only at this time of the year but may remain year-round. I might join in...see what comes led by Him...
    Take care now. God bless.

  2. What a cool idea. I've been exploring my own $10 challenge this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. What a blessing. I, too love to read Bill Coffey's posts.

    You have an award on arise 2 write.

  4. Very cool, Kat. I've done the drive-thru thing as well, and my son was with me. Our actions speak so much louder than words. I agree with RCUBE, I bet that was some great tasting coffee!


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